Dry Film Graphite Lubricant, Air Cure


Dry Film MoS2 Lubricant, Air Cure

DF 4500

Dry Film MoS2 Lubricant, Air Cure

DF 8206

Dry Film MoS2 Lubricant, Heat Cure

DF 8221

Dry Film MoS2 Lubricant, Air Cure

DF 8265

Dry Film MoS2 Lubricant , Air Cure 

DF 8800

Dry Film MoS2 Lubricant, Air Cure

GP 7188

High Purity Natural Graphite Powder

GP 7189

High Purity Synthetic Graphite Powder

R 110

Dry Film WS2 Based Lubricant, Air Cure


Pure MoS2 Powder


Pure MoS2 Powder, Micro Fine

3400 A

Anti Friction Coating (Lead Free)


PTFE N UV Anti Friction Spray

D 321 R

Anti Friction Coating

WRL-S SERIES – Molyslip® WRL-S10 and Molyslip® WRL-S20

Pseudoplastic wire rope lubricants

3402-C LF Anti-Friction Coating

Air-curing dry-film lubricant

7400 Anti-friction Coating

Air-curing dry lubricant

D-321 R Anti-Friction Coating

Air-curing dry film lubricant 

D-709 Anti-Friction Coating

Heat curing dry film lubricant

PTFE-N UV Anti-friction coating

Air-curing dry lubricant 

What are the anti-friction coatings?

Anti-friction coatings are dry elements that reduce wear and friction significantly. The fact that these coatings can also be used to avoid various kinds of noises makes these anti-friction coatings suitable for all kinds of materials. That is why anti-friction coatings are not exclusively used for aluminum and steel. The types and functions of anti-friction coating depend on the process variant.

Advantages Of Using Anti-Friction Coating

  • It reduces wear and friction significantly.
  • Clean and dry lubrication that remains unaffected with dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • Lifetime lubrication that does not face any issues of evaporation, aging, and oxidation.
  • It prevents rut formation even if the metal is not galvanized or treated otherwise.
  • Offers non-staining and nonflammable protection to plastics, metals, and elastomers.
  • Controls the film thickness for the load-bearing capabilities.
  • Offers effective lubrication even if the machine is not used for a long time.
  • Reduces the maintenance costs significantly.

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