7400 Anti-friction Coating

7400 Anti-friction Coating

Sliding coating of metal/metal combinations with slow to moderately fast movements and high loads.

Suitable for improving the running-in of gearboxes, sliding bearings and sliding guides.

Maintenance-free, permanent lubrication of highly stressed friction combinations with low speeds or oscillating operation, in which the use of oil or grease, for design construction reasons is not possible, or because of the unacceptable risk of soiling.

For running-in car transmission shafts, for the maintenance-free, permanent, non-soiling lubrication of threaded sleeves of car seat adjusting mechanisms, and for the cold working of steel. 


 Free from flammable solvents

 Water-based

 High load-carrying capacity

 Low coefficient of friction


Surface preparation 

First clean and degrease the surface which will be coated with Molykote® 7400 Anti-friction Coating. Phosphatization or sandblasting (180 grit) increases the adhesion and service life.

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