WRL-S SERIES – Molyslip® WRL-S10 and Molyslip® WRL-S20

WRL-S SERIES – Molyslip® WRL-S10 and Molyslip® WRL-S20

Molyslip® WRL-S Series combines the high-load carrying capabilities of our WRL range with Pseudoplastic rheology, optimising penetration and wash-off resistance in harsh environments. 


Molyslip® WRL-S10 is a translucent pseudoplastic lubricant that is specially developed to allow for easy rope inspection


Molyslip® WRL-S20 is a graphite-reinforced version of Molyslip® WRL-S10, which is engineered to provide enhanced load-carrying properties for high-load applications


  • High-load carrying and wear-reduction capabilities that are synonymous within our WRL range, protecting wires and strands from wear
  • Superior corrosion resistance protecting ropes operating in wet and humid environments
  • Highly adhesive ‘low fling’ film, which extends re-lubrication intervals
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility preventing flacking and cracking

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