White Paste For High Temperature Metal Forming

A 120

Metal Free Paste; High Purity

A 126

Metal Free Paste, White Colored

A 125

Metal Free Paste; Highly Adhesive

A 130

Metal Free, High Temperature Antiseize Paste


Copper & Solid lubricants Based Antiseize

Copr Lube

Copper Based Antiseize

CP 8

White Paste for Chuck Jaw Lubrication

CP 20

Chisel Paste; Copper Based

CP 30

Copper Based Antiseize, Highly Adhesive

GP 80

Antiseize Paste, White Colored

GP 85

White Grease Paste

Moly 50

MoS2 Based Assembly Paste

Moly 65

MoS2 Based Assembly Paste

Nikkel Lube

Nickel Based Antiseize Paste


MoS2 Based Rapid Assembly Paste

RG Paste

MoS2 Based Universal Assembly Paste


MoS2 Based Assembly Paste


MoS2 Based Assembly Paste


Copper Based Antiseize Paste

P 37

P 37 Antiseize Paste

Molykote 1000

Molykote 1000 Solid Lubricant Paste  


1000 Solid Lubricant Paste

DX Paste


G N Plus

MOLYKOTE™ G-N Plus Paste

Anti-Seize Pastes for Any Extreme Conditions

Whether it’s the gradual gnawing or seizing of the industrial components, its condition is bound to get affected. Also, external factors like excessive high temperature, high compressive loads, excessive friction, and moisture can cause seizure, corrosion, and wearing of the work-pieces.

If not checked on time, these very significant issues would spike up the repair costs. However, using the right kind of industrial paste, all these issues can be easily handled.

Need of Using a Lubricating Paste

They are lubricants that come with a high amount of solid lubricant content. The lubricating film that the paste creates keeps the separated components from one another even during extreme conditions. During demanding conditions, when the friction points get exposed, industrial lubricant pastes offer reliable and efficient protection. It promises reliable performance of the components while increasing their lifespan.

We are proud to stock and distribute industrial pastes that can protect against oxidation, corrosion and fretting, stick-slip, seizing, and chemical reactions.

Our pastes can deliver great thermal stability; hence, it is used by a wide number of industries. We procure superior quality raw materials from only trusted vendors for manufacturing the pastes.

Depending on the purpose of use, would greatly determine which industrial paste will be best suited for the components. To achieve optimal results, make it a point to pick the right product.

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