Molyslip Copaslip

High Temperature Anti Seize

Anti Seize 40

Molyslip Anti-scuffing and assembly paste

Anti Seize 60

Molyslip Premium anti-scuffing and assembly paste

Dry Moly Spray

Molyslip Dry Film Anti Seize Lubricant

Dow Corning DC 4

DC 4 Silicone Electrical Insulating Compound

Dow Corning 111

Molykote Valve Lubricant And Sealant

Dow Corning 7

Molykote Grease Release Compound

Dow Corning 340

Molykote Sink Heat Compound

Molykote DC HVG

Silicone Based High Vacuum Grease

Premium Quality Anti-Seize Compounds for Different Industries

Industrial applications and work-pieces go through many influencing factors, like high-pressure loads, high-temperature conditions, outdoor weather conditions, aggressive chemicals, and in addition moisture and friction. All these can lead to wear and tear or seizing, rust, and corrosion of the machine parts, like bolts, flanges, fasteners, assemblies, etc. Repair and maintenance can prove to be costly. This is when anti-seize lubricating products could be of great help.

Anti-seizes are high-quality lubricants that come in the form of greases, pastes, and coatings; hence, the correct product must be chosen to ensure proper functioning and protection of the work-pieces. The correct anti-seize compound can provide a wide range of benefits, such as reducing corrosion of interfaces, preventing galling of the fasteners during assembly, smooth dismantling to prevent damage of parts during disassembly, precise clamping, and so on.

Anti-Seize Compounds are crucial for many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and more. We are supplying high-quality anti-seize compound to our clients which are just perfect for providing protection against rust, pitting, galling, and seizure. They are simply perfect for a dynamic environment to cut down friction.

UNA General Trading’s product line of anti-seize compounds can deliver outstanding results in any challenging environment.

Learn about the anti-seize compounds we offer for various industry verticals by simply talking with our expert team.

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