CS 10

Electrical & Electronic Components & Parts Cleaner, Electricals

CS 20

High Voltage Cable Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 60

Heavy Duty Cleaner For Electrical Parts Motor & Components, Electricals

CS 90

Heavy Duty Carbon Cleaner

EL 55

Multi-Purpose Formula For Maintenance & Protection


Electrical Contacts & Precision Equipment Cleaner, Electricals

Freeze & Fault Detect

Fault Isolation Spray, Lowers Temperature Up To -49°C

Micro Dust Remover

Blows Microscopic Dust & Removes Lint

P 20

Plastic Safe Contact Cleaner, Electricals


Precision Parts & Contact Cleaner, Electricals

Power Contact Cleaner

CRC CO Contact Cleaner

Contact Cleaner

CRC CO Contact Cleaner

Lectrac Clean II

CRC Lectra Clean

Contact 2000

Contact Cleaner 2000

Cable Cleaner

High Voltage Cleaner (Rapid Dry)

Lectra Clean

CRC Lectra Clean

Lectra Clean 02020

Heavy Duty Energized Electrical Parts Degreaser

Galva Bright


Galva Shine

Anti Corrosion Products

CRC Smoke Test

Smoke Detector Tester


What are the Precision cleaners?

A precision cleaners is a type of solvent that is created for removing contaminants from services of connectors, electrical contact switches, and other electronic and electrical components. The goal of this contact cleaner is to remove the insulative contaminants as fast as possible. Most of the time, these contact cleaner solvent comes in compact pressurized packages for convenience. The forceful spray helps you to reach all the nooks and corners of the connectors.

Why do you need a contact cleaner?

Accumulation of dirt grease dost and oxidized contaminants can enhance the electrical resistance of the contact areas. Over time, it can reduce or interrupt the flow of the current affecting the performance of the device while creating safety hazards at the same time. The CRC Lectra Clean cleaners address this issue and help you to solve the connectivity challenges.

What should I check while selecting a contact cleaner?

Like every other item, there are a number of Smoke detector tester cleaners available in the market. While choosing the cleaners, you need to consider certain factors instead of jumping to the lowest price. Here are a couple of factors that you need to consider carefully.


Several commercially available contact cleaners have hydrocarbon and alcohol solvents as their basic ingredients. Even though these contact cleaners are very economical and can clean effectively, they also create the risk of significant fire hazards. There are nonflammable contact cleaners available in the market, but they come at a higher cost.

Dielectric strength

If you want to clean the electrical contacts while keeping the power on, you should choose a product that has a higher dielectric strength. You should always know the voltage and amperage of the circuits you are trying to clean before you use the contact cleaner on them.

Rubber or plastic compatibility

While the surface connectors of the contacts are made of metal, they are often wrapped around plastic or rubber gaskets to keep them safe from the environment. If the contact cleaner is not compatible with the rubber or plastic, it can create small cracks on the material or make it soft. That is why you should always test the contact cleaner before using it extensively on your equipment.

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