High Gloss Clear Acrylic Conformal Coating

HC 80

Anti-Track Varnish For Class H

RC 60

Red Insulating Varnish For Class F


Mold Release; Silicone Free


Silicone Mold Release


Mold Release; Silicone Free

CS 86

ODC FreeMetal Surfaces & Parts Cleaner / Degreaser

MC 10

Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser For Molds

Mold Protector

Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor

RNC 10

Wax Based Corrosion Inhibitor

Aqua Blue 50

Natural Degreaser

CS 35

Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 45

Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 50

Heavy Duty Super Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 70

Heavy Duty Degreaser For Mechanical Parts & Components

CS 80

Metal Surfaces & Parts Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 81

ODC Free Metal Surfaces & Parts Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 82

ODC Free Metal Surfaces & Parts Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 85

Metal Surfaces & Parts Cleaner / Degreaser

CS 87

Cleaner / Degreaser

Paint & Gasket Remover

Cleaner / Degreaser

SS Clean 1

Cleaner Cum Polish

AL 600

Heat Resistant Coating

Bright Zink

Cold Galvanize Bright Grade

RNC 20

Thin Oily Film Type Corrosion Inhibitor

RNC 30

Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor

RNC 60

Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor

SS 185

Stainless Steel Coating

SS 185 SB

Stainless Steel Coating, Special Bright Grade

Shiny Galva

Cold Galvanize Bright Grade

AF 57

Waxlike Silicone Dry Film Lube

Battery Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaner & Battery Acid Leakage Detector

Battery Coating Dry

Corrosion Inhibitor

Belt Dressing

Anti Slip & Squeal Eliminator

Freeze & Penetrate

Rust Penetrant With Freezing Action

G 100

MoS2 Based Assembly Paste

Kupfer Coat

Copper Coating


MoS2 Assembly Paste

PCL / PCL 200

Lubricant & Cleaner For Splicers / Knotters


Multipurpose 5-in-1 Maintenance Lubricant


Synthetic Lubricant For Plastic & Rubber Parts

R 30

MoS2 Lubricant for Extreme Pressures

RR 40

Rust Remover

RX 66

Fast Acting Rust Remover & Combatant

W22710 - Ice Proof for Diesel

W10804 - Exhaust Repair Putty

Exhaust Repair Putty

Types of MRO products

Mold releasing agents

Mold release sprays are considered as one of the most important MRO products in thermoplastic and plastic injection molding industries. You can find a number of non-silicone release agents, silicone release agents, PU mold release, semi-permanent mold release, etc. All of these are created to meet specific Corrosion Inhibitor requirements of molding processes. Most of these products offer exceptional outcomes when used as mold release agents in rubber molding, plastic injection molding, metallurgical molding, resin casting, and candle manufacturing industries.

Anti spatter sprays

The anti-spatter sprays are heavily used during welding processes. It prevents the welding spatter from getting stuck to either the torch or the metal surface. You can find silicone and non-silicone-based anti-spatter spray in the market. Choose the spray depending on the ability level and your requirement. Water-based anti-spatter spray and anti-spatter gel can also be found on the market.

Lubricating oil and grease

These lubricants are created for lubricating the machines and equipment that work under extreme load pressure, temperature, and environment. In this situation, petroleum-based lubricants often fail to perform. However, you can find specialized lubricating oil and breezes that can withstand the brunt of such extreme working conditions.

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