Permatex® Ultra Rubber Gasket Sealant & Dressing

Permatex® Ultra Rubber Gasket Sealant & Dressing

Formulated specially for rubber gaskets, it conditions gaskets for longer life and seals potential leak paths. It also functions to hold gaskets in place during installation. The non-hardening, soft-setting formula makes gasket repositioning quick and easy. Provides outstanding oil and fluid resistance. Temperature range -65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C).

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• No measuring or mixing

• Eliminates “slippery” rubber gaskets

• Non-hardening for easy assembly and disassembly

• Resists common automotive fluids

• Corrosion, temperature and vibration proof

• Temperature range –65F to +400F 


1. Clean flange surfaces thoroughly.

2. Apply a thin film of Ultra Rubber Gasket Sealant to all sides of gasket. 

3. Allow to air dry for a few minutes until tacky.

4. Assemble and tighten.

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