Permatex® PermaShield™ Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing & Flange Sealant

Permatex® PermaShield™ Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing & Flange Sealant

Specially formulated for superior fluid resistance, this polyester urethane based gasketing compound withstands extreme temperature changes without hardening. Its non-setting, non-hardening character remains tacky even with rapid changes in temperature, enabling repeated assembly and disassembly of parts. Suitable as either a gasket maker or dressing, PermaShield™ seals surface imperfections between metal parts and is ideal in high performance applications. With an operating temperature range of -60° to 500°F (-50° to 260°C), this compound resists common engine fluids, including oil, gasoline, ethanol, water and anti-freeze and prevents contamination from moisture and dust.

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• High temperature resistance

• Non-running - can be used on vertical or underside applications

• Permanently flexible, may be re-sealed without additional application of product

• Sensor Safe


1. Provide adequate ventilation.

2. Surfaces should be free of oil, dirt and grease. Clean flange surfaces with Permatex Brake and Parts Cleaner.

3. Apply a thin film or bead to both surfaces.

4. Allow solvent to completely evaporate. Acetone/solvent odor will no longer exist when dry.

5. Assemble parts.

6. Recheck torque after 10 minutes.

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