Permatex® High Tack™ Spray-A-Gasket™ Sealant

Permatex® High Tack™ Spray-A-Gasket™ Sealant

Fast-drying all-purpose sealant dries to a highly tacky, non-brittle film. A reliable general adhesive remains tacky indefinitely – can be applied in advance for convenience in assembly. Remains effective at temperatures of -65°F to 500°F (-54°C to 260°C). Sensor-safe. Resists gasoline, oil, antifreeze, axle lube, kerosene, propane and butane. Aerosol Level 3

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• Applies easily

• Fast drying

• Prevents seizing

• Assures correct gasket alignment

• Color coded for uniform application

• Allows easily disassembly

• Resists most automotive and industrial fluids

• Temperature Range - 65ºF to +500ºF


1. Clean surfaces to remove all dirt, oil, rust, paints and dried sealants. Keep surfaces dry and free from mold release agents

2. Using brush, apply a thin, even coat on both surfaces to be assembled.

3. Allow to set until solvent has evaporated and film is dry.

4. Assemble parts. Precoat gaskets or bolts for convenience in assembling.

5. Remove with lacquer thinner.

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