MOLYSLIP® TAP AQUA is a fully-synthetic, water-based lubricant designed for severe metal working operations such as drilling, reaming and tapping. Formulated from a unique combination of polymeric lubricity and anti-wear additives TAP AQUA provides excellent surface finish to components and protects tooling from wear and damage. TAP AQUA is suitable for most drilling, reaming and tapping (spiral point, spiral flute and fluteless) operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


TAP AQUA is free from chlorine, sulphur, solvents and mineral oil. Fuming associated with conventional oil based lubricants is eliminated resulting in an improved working environment. The complete water solubility ensures that components are easily cleaned and the residue does not contaminate metalworking fluid sumps that may be present.


  • Good extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • Extends tool life in arduous operations
  • Improves working environment
  • Chlorine and sulphur-free


MOLYSLIP® TAP AQUA should be used as supplied. Apply a small amount of lubricant directly to the tool – or into the drilled hole. Do not apply to rotating tools.

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