Molyslip TAP is a range of high-performance lubricants designed for severe metal working operations such as drilling, reaming and tapping. They are highly concentrated mixtures of lubricity and reactive extreme pressure and anti-wear additives.


Molyslip TAP products provide excellent surface finish to components and protect tooling from wear and damage. They are suitable for most drilling, reaming and tapping (spiral point, spiral flute and fluteless) operations on most metals. However it is advised that compatibility is checked prior to use as the sulphurised extreme pressure additives may interact with some metals. For situations where chlorine must be avoided use TAP Chlorine-free, where both chlorine and sulphur must be avoided it is advised that TAP AQUA is used.


Molyslip TAP liquid can also be used to fortify flood-applied, neat-cutting oils, typical addition rates are 5-10% (check compatibility prior to addition).


Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance

Maximises tool life in arduous operations

Available in liquid, paste and aerosol form


To obtain optimum performance MOLYSLIP® TAP products should be used as supplied. Apply either directly to the tool (while stationary) or to the hole to be tapped. TAP liquid can be used as a supplement to boost the performance of neat-cutting oils used in lathes and milling machines etc. The recommended addition rate is 5% – however check compatibility with the oil to be treated before adding TAP.

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