MOLYKOTE™ PG-75 Plastislip Grease

MOLYKOTE™ PG-75 Plastislip Grease

Lubricating grease for plastic/plastic and plastic/metal combinations with slow to medium-fast movements and light loads




 Molykote® PG-75 High Performance Grease is used on vehicle trackrod joints

 Used on control cables, gear boxes, worms, planetary gears and other plastic/plastic and plastic/metal contacts in automotive and electrical appliances

 Electromechanical actuators such as automotive sun roof tracks, window mechanism, HVAC


 Suitable for long-term lubrication

 Good low temperature characteristics (usable down to -40°C)

 Very low coefficient of friction

 Compatible with many plastics and elastomers 


Clean points of contact. Apply in the same way as lubricating greases, using the brush, spatula, grease gun or automatic lubricating device. Suitable for delivery by the central lubricating system. In the event of long breaks in service e.g. overnight, the pressure in the delivery equipment should be relieved. Not to be mixed with other greases. Because of variation in the quality of plastics and elastomers, compatibility tests should be carried out for swelling and shrinkage, stress crack formation, and changes in strength and hardness.


ConsistencyApprox. 2
Base oil viscosity32 mm2 /s at 40C
Drop point>190 C
Flash point (IP34)
Effective temperature range
Solidification point (of the base fluid)
Coefficient of friction (steel on steel, steady state)0.02

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