MOLYKOTE™ M-77 Assembly Paste

MOLYKOTE™ M-77 Assembly Paste

Solid lubricant paste with silicone carrier oil

APPLICATIONS: Molykote® M-77 Solid Lubricant Paste is:

 Suitable for lubrication points with low to moderate loads and low speeds which are subjected to water and extreme temperatures. At temperatures above 230°C (446°F), the carrier volatilizes leaving virtually no residue, and the remaining dry sliding film itself takes over the lubrication up to +400°C (+662°F).

 Suitable for lubricating parts consisting of materials that are not resistant to mineral oils.

 Used successfully on metal/metal combinations with frictional and contact surfaces, brake anchor plates and the brake pistons of disc brakes.


 Paste lubrication up to +230°C (+446°F), dry lubrication up to +400°C (+662°F)

 Good water resistance

 Good volatilization properties

 Compatible with many types of elastomers and plastics (test for compatibility) 


Clean the contact areas and apply with brush, spatula, grease gun or automatic lubricating device. Can be used in central lubricating systems. 


Base oil viscosity125 mm2 /s at 25°C (77°F)
Drop point
Flash point (IP34)
Effective temperature range-49 to +446 (paste-like) up to +662 (dry) °F
Solidification point (of the base fluid)
Coefficient of friction (steel on steel, steady state)

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