DOWSIL™ Hi-Temp Sealant Red

DOWSIL™ Hi-Temp Sealant Red

DOWSIL™ Hi-Temp Sealant is a onepart, acetoxy-cure silicone sealant that cures to a tough, rubbery solid at room temperature on exposure to water vapor in the air. It forms a longlasting, water-resistant seal with ±25% movement capability when properly applied.


•  Cures to 100% silicone rubber

• Resists the effects of sunlight and weather extremes

• Fast cure, high strength


1. Refer to product packaging for useby date.

2. Temperature. Apply sealant at temperatures between -20 and 122°F (-29 and 50°C) for best results.

3. Prepare surface. Cut out and remove all old caulk for repair applications.

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