DOWSIL™ 795 Structural Glazing Sealant

DOWSIL™ 795 Structural Glazing Sealant

DOWSIL 795 Structural Glazing Sealant is a one-part, neutral-cure, architectural-grade sealant that easily extrudes over a wide temperature range. This cold-applied, non-sagging silicone material cures to a medium- modulus rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. The cured sealant is durable and flexible enough to accommodate ±50% movement of original joint dimension when installed in a properly designed weatherseal joint. In a properly designed structurally glazed joint, the sealant is strong enough to support glass and other panel materials under high wind-load and seismic effects


• Meets ASTM C1184 for Structural Silicone Sealant

• Meets ASTM C719 Class 50 High movement capability ±50% in well designed weatherseal joint

• Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including glass, anodized and coated aluminum profiles

• Non corrosive cure system

• Ease of use – all-temperature gunnability and easy tooling

• The cured product exhibits excellent weathering characteristics, and a high resistance to ultra-violet radiation, heat and humidity

• High ultimate tensile strength which makes it suitable for structural bonding applications

• Excellent mechanical properties


When DOWSIL 795 Structural Glazing Sealant is used in structural applications the structural joint design MUST be reviewed by a technical service specialist. Complete design and installation guidelines are contained in the Asia Technical Manual, and must be followed for warranty applications when using this product.

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